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The Sustainable Business Leadership Council helps firms shift to earth-friendly practices.

By Casey GomezPublished: September 01, 2010

Laura Rea
Business owners who want to make the switch to green may feel completely clueless about how to start. The Sustainable Business Leadership Council aims to fix that. The O.C.-based nonprofit group helps companies implement sustainable practices through networking and education.
Established last year, the council creates an inclusive culture among businesses committed to supporting eco-friendly procedures, says Laura Rea, council president and co-founder.
“We want to come together and find out what other businesses are doing to be sustainable – and we want to educate as well,” she says.
The council holds monthly meetings open to anyone interested in switching to green practices. These meetings connect eco-friendly organizations and guest speakers with business owners. Using a Q&A format, the group brainstorms to find innovative ways to operate in a sustainable manner.
“We’re just sharing ideas and experiences,” Rea says.
While its gatherings are open to the public, the council is developing a members-only format. In this more intimate forum, affiliates can share problems that their companies are experiencing, and get feedback and advice.
“There’s been a shift in our society,” Rea says. “Customers expect your company to be actively involved in the green movement. Investors demand corporate-sustainability reports more often. We are not a group of tree-huggers ... but we’re serious about sustainability.”

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