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Sprout Healthy Vending establishes new locations across the U.S.

The new locations will provide healthy snacks to children in New Jersey, Ohio and Texas.

By Elaine MurphyPublished: February 15, 2012 07:30 AM

Irvine-based Sprout Healthy Vending is continuing its expansion throughout the U.S., acquiring new markets in Belvidere, New Jersey; Beechwood, Ohio; and Austin, Texas. The health-conscious company’s energy-efficient vending machines offer healthy and organic snacks, including fruit and yogurt, to suit a range of dietary needs.

All of the company’s newest operators lead active lifestyles, which drove them to invest in the vending machines and inspired them to offer healthy snacks for people of all ages. The vending machines are typically installed in schools and at youth centers, replacing sugary treats with healthier options.

“In most areas of New Jersey, healthy snacks are not even an option,” said Keith Pagach, the company’s New Jersey operator. “The same type of saturated-fat chips and sugar-laden sodas that were sold 30 years ago are still being sold today. In today’s society, Americans are becoming more health conscious, so there is a need for convenient healthy snack vending.”

Ohio residents Samson and Dina Fixler said that they are eager to provide children with healthier snacking options. “It is always exciting to see and help people make healthier food choices and reap the benefits of a healthier diet. Bringing Sprout machines to Beechwood will be the jump-start the town needs to jump on the health food bandwagon,” said Samson Fixler.”

Dan and Andrea Sumber of Austin, Texas, said, “We are predicting a very high success rate in our town. Austin is a health conscious city to begin with, and I am very certain that health food and convenience will go hand in hand here.”

Sprout Healthy Vending co-founder Chris Wyland believes that his socially responsible business concept is not only about establishing visible locations, it’s also about “making small, important, changes in each community we serve.”

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