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HireRight launches executive screening service

Employee background verification firm now offers biography checks for executives

by Griffin RogersPublished: May 23, 2012 08:35 AM

HireRight, an Irvine-based company specializing in employee background checks, has announced the release of their new screening service Executive Biography Verification, which verifies the published credentials of high-profile candidates.

The screening services provided by HireRight enable organizations to verify several aspects of an applicant’s history in order to avoid unnecessary embarrassment and protect a company’s reputation if discrepancies arise. Education and employment history are just a couple of the areas HireRight will verify.

Exaggerating on a resume can start early in a career and follow that person from job to job, said Rob Pickell, chief marketing officer and vice president of strategy at HireRight.

“Corporate boards are learning they must tighten their employment screening programs to carefully vet all executive and high-profile employees pre-hire but also be very careful about vetting publicly disclosed credentials,” said Pickell said. “The new HireRight Executive Biography Verification is designed to help employers carefully vet high-profile candidates and existing execs to confirm their credentials and protect what’s often the organization’s most valuable asset – its reputation.”

HireRight finds employment and education discrepancies in approximately one-third of millions of background checks performed. While minor in many cases, these disparities can affect a company in the future if unchecked.

“Some organizations may only screen for criminal history and may opt not to verify education and employment credentials, which leaves open a critical gap,” said Pickell. “Other employers may assume that an executive’s past education or experience has been checked out long ago by someone else along the line. By incorporating Executive Biography Verification into their existing employment screening program, employers can help address these common mistakes and verify employees and candidates for high-profile positions to protect the organization from potential embarrassment.”

Earlier this month, Yahoo! CEO Scott Thompson was forced to resign following the discovery that his resume and company biography listed a computer science degree that he allegedly had never earned.

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