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HireRight launches enhanced screening service

The Irvine firm’s new Widescreen Plus provides access to hundreds of millions of records.

BY BRANDON RUSSELLPublished: April 20, 2011 10:39 AM

Irvine-based HireRight has introduced a new employment screening service called Widescreen Plus that will allow companies to search through hundreds of millions of records from multiple data repositories.

The service will act as a supplement to the company’s other criminal background searches, increasing the accuracy and completeness of the reported records.

By examining records from county courts, sex offender registries, state and federal databases, and other criminal record sources, Widescreen Plus offers up to a 30 percent increase in jurisdictional coverage over its competitors.

Rather than being confined to searching local databases, the service will allow companies to broaden their search to other counties across the nation. If a potential criminal record is identified through Widescreen Plus, it is confirmed by HireRight at the source and, if necessary, reported to the employer.

“Our goal was to develop the broadest and deepest national criminal search available, while ensuring the highest quality information was provided to employers,” said Rob Pickell, senior vice president of customer solutions for HireRight. “Widescreen Plus delivers to employers a cost-effective way to extend the scope of their search for potential criminal information, while providing a greater level of protection for both the employer and the candidate by enabling a more accurate view of criminal activity, contributing to a safer workplace.”

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Readers Feedback:

This still would be a database search. To be compliant with the FCRA they would have to confirm all records at the Primary Location. And they would still collect fees for those sources.
Comment at 4/22/2011