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HireRight releases 2011 Employment Screening Benchmarking Report

The report shows hiring and retention optimism among surveyed organizations.

by jessica berriePublished: August 02, 2011 07:00 AM

Irvine-based screening provider HireRight has released its 2011 Employment Screening Benchmarking Report. The report surveyed approximately 1,800 employers to pinpoint trends in screening practices, background checking, drug and alcohol testing, and employment eligibility. HireRight reps hope that the report will help employers identify strengths and weaknesses in their screening programs.

According to company reps, the 2011 Benchmarking Report identifies trends in screening practices and focuses on the ever-increasing attention to background checks among employers. According to the report, 90 percent of survey respondents anticipate no decline in their workforce this year, and 51 percent of survey respondents predict an increase in hiring full-time employees. HireRight suggests that this optimism in hiring and retention relates to a demand for ensuring quality of hires through a screening process.

“Employers continue to share the benefits realized through employment background and drug screening, including improving the quality of their hires, mitigating risks and maintaining compliance,” said Rob Pickell, HireRight senior vice president. “Interesting survey statistics on employment issues such as workplace violence, achieving compliance, companies’ programs for drug and alcohol testing, global screening, social media use and policies on screening non-employees are just some of the other topics covered in the report.”

The report provides survey findings on:
• Primary reasons for employment screening
• Most common searches and tests performed by employers
• Impact of evolving regulatory and compliance legislation on screening
• Prevalence of screening programs for vendor employees, temps and contractors
• Current trends in issues such as credit checks, social media screening and medicinal marijuana policies

“The HireRight Employment Screening Benchmarking Report is now in its fourth year and has become an important informational tool for organizations to reference in designing and fine-tuning their employment background checking, drug testing and employment-eligibility programs,” said Mike Petrullo, HireRight president and CEO. “Our goal with the report is to help employers gain a better understanding of what their peers are dealing with and how other organizations construct and operate their employment screening and eligibility programs.”

A copy of the full report can be found at hireright.com/benchmarking.

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