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HireRight launches transportation jobs program

It’s the first integrated screening solution of its kind for the industry.

BY CAITLIN ADAMSPublished: February 22, 2011 08:06 AM

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Irvine-based HireRight, a national service provider for employment background screening, drug screening and eligibility solutions, has introduced its latest service, HireRight DAC Edition, a specialized management screening solution specifically for the transportation industry.

Companies can use HireRight DAC Edition for almost all aspects of the hiring, screening and risk-management process of employment. The program allows department specialists to use a single dashboard interface to access and manage employment applications, background screening, drug and health testing, I-9 verification and contingent work force screening. The program is designed to let companies meet regulatory requirements for screening and testing commercially licensed drivers.

Steven Spencer, HireRight’s vice president of transportation solutions, said that HireRight DAC Edition was developed using technology from the company’s existing employment management solutions, combined with extensive observations, discussions and feedback from transportation companies.

“We started with our award-winning solution, HireRight Enterprise, as a base,” Spencer said. “We then worked closely with our transportation-industry customers to identify key product requirements and gather critical feedback on version iterations. The result is what we believe to be a new benchmark for screening in the transportation industry – a solution that makes it easier to manage a comprehensive screening program, while improving process efficiency, reducing costs and promoting regulatory compliance.”

The company’s newest product is designed to increase efficiency in the hiring process and reduce the time it takes to fill positions by allowing all background screening, drug testing and employment eligibility processes to be managed through a single platform. The program enables companies to manage these processes with centralized oversight, while requiring minimal administrative and organizational resources. The program is easily configured to each client’s unique screening policies and requirements

One of the most important benefits of the DAC Edition is its feature that allows trucking firms to maintain compliance in managing background checks and drug testing easily and efficiently. The program features a number of industry-specific capabilities that support compliance with Department of Transportation requirements, which, along with the new Compliance, Safety and Accountability initiative, make the DAC Edition particularly essential for trucking firms.

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