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Waters of self-discovery

By Steven M. ThomasPublished: June 01, 2010

OC publisher Lynn Behler has a winner in this entertaining adventure story that charts the course of the Peterson family as they give up a normal middle-class life in Canada to live and travel aboard a 65-foot power catamaran.

Son Stefan is 10 and daughter Lauren is 12 when they move from British Columbia to Florida with their parents, Kim and Mike, to begin outfitting their new boat, with little knowledge of sailing or the sea. Over the next three years, these charming people learn a lot about each other, the ocean and life. The book culminates with a suspenseful Atlantic crossing that is the payoff of their boating apprenticeship and of their lives so far.
“Charting” is also Kim’s deeply personal story of recovering from the loss of a daughter from SIDS years earlier. Looking outward at the wonders of the world instead of inward at her pain, the writer is able to let go of lingering doubts and fears left over from the loss of her child and navigate a new course. It’s a fun, heartwarming book full of nautical lore that anyone who likes boats or has a family will enjoy.

Charting the Unknown
By Kim Peterson
Behler Publications, 2010, $16.95


Tattoos on the Heart: The Power of Boundless Compassion
By Gregory Boyle
Free Press, 2010, $25
This is the story of a Jesuit priest’s 20-year intervention in the lives of L.A. gang members. The book conveys both despair and redemption.

This Time Together
By Carol Burnett
Harmony, 2010, $25
This is a lighter, though touching, memoir filled with incidents from Burnett’s career as a television comedian and anecdotes about her friends and co-stars. It’s fun reading for fans and television aficionados.

Nothing Short of Joy
By Julie B. Genovese
Behler Publications, 2010, $15.95
Born with a rare and debilitating form of dwarfism, Julie Genovese was brutally teased in school and displayed as a genetic freak to rooms full of doctors. This book is the story of how she transmutes a severe disadvantage into transcendent joy.