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Computer diagnostics

If your car is not purring like a kitten, Costa Mesa-based CarMD’s new gadget will tell you why.

By Tom TranPublished: January 01, 2010

No one relies more heavily on the reliability of a vehicle than a Southern California resident. Rarely can business get done without face time, so you have to get where you’re going. An innovative gadget from Costa Mesa-based CarMD will provide you with peace of mind by scanning your vehicle to make sure it’s mechanically sound at any given time.
CarMD can diagnose your vehicle via a hand-held remote. Color-coded lights signal if the car is OK, if there’s a possible issue or if service is required.
It’s also a great tool to use when buying a used car – no more worrying about rogue auto dealers covering up problems. It can also save you hundreds of dollars in mechanics bills.  
This simple-to-use gadget will protect you from potential problems, ensure that your mechanics are honest and save money. PC World rated the product Very Good, scoring it 88 out of 100. Innovations International CES gave it Design and Engineering Showcase Honors for 2007. The product comes with an easy-to-install CD, a case for the gadget and batteries for new users.
Its software is compatible with Mac and Windows, making it ideal for every driver. CarMD retails for $99, with a one-year warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee. carmd.com

Readers Feedback:

it gave me a better print than what auto zone did i like to fix my own trucks and car
Comment at 1/12/2010
CarmD tool is a need-to-have for every household. CarMD saves you money, time, and peace of mind before traveling with your car.
Comment at 1/22/2010