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Hyundai ad campaign focuses on ‘Loyalty’

The Fountain Valley carmaker’s spots will air on ABC, ESPN during World Cup games.

BY TAYLOR FALLONPublished: June 11, 2010 10:08 AM

Fountain Valley-based Hyundai Motor America is launching a new “Loyalty” ad campaign on ABC and ESPN during World Cup soccer game coverage.

The campaign is made up of three 30-second vignettes focusing on the faithfulness of soccer fans and the brand loyalty of Hyundai car owners. The ads will fill 287 spots during games and halftimes, as well as commercial breaks during shows such as “Sports Center,” “World Cup Prime” and “World Cup Live.” Jeff Bridges narrates the close of each ad, offering the observation: "Fans show their loyalty in all kinds of ways. Ours just buy another Hyundai."

"The FIFA World Cup represents the height of fan passion and loyalty on a global scale," said Jeff Spiegel, executive creative director of Innocean, the agency that developed the ad for the automaker. "And this year's World Cup happens to coincide with Hyundai becoming number one in customer loyalty. … The loyalty message made for a natural fit."

The launch coincides with AutoPacific marketing and consulting firm’s presentation of its first President’s Award to the carmaker for achieving high marks in 48 categories.

Hyundai Motor America is a subsidiary of Korea's Hyundai Motor Co.

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Readers Feedback:

I am a Hyundai owner. I usually recommend the car to friends because I come from a family of Hyundai owners, three cars and counting. However, I am also a Catholic. I feel that the commercial that was recently released for the World Cup stating that "Soccer was a religion in Argentina" is offensive. I felt that they were making fun of something I hold dear. In fact using the words "Agnus Dei" in the commercial and making light of those receiving communions. I feel that a company that I respected, did not respect me or the faith that I hold dear when making this commercial. Would this be okay if it was any other faith. Ex: jewish, muslim? This commercial will seriously impact my purchasing decisions in the future as well as my recommendations.
Comment at 6/14/2010