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IQAir dubbed secret weapon of the U.S. Olympic team

With pollution a concern for Olympians headed to Beijing, IQAir steps in with answer.

By Ashley EliotPublished: August 01, 2008 11:01 AM

USA athletes will be breathing a little easier as they arrive in Beijing next week.  IQAir, based in Santa Fe Springs, was tapped by the U.S. Olympic Committee to provide air purifying systems that will, hopefully, lessen the impact of air pollution on athletes and their performances. Beijing is known to have been struggling with air quality problems.
The air purifiers will be installed in athletes’ bedrooms, training areas and in HAVC systems within the buildings.

Currently, IQAir systems are used in hospitals worldwide to filter particles as small as the SARS virus, MRSA and tuberculosis. On top of dissipating particles, the air cleaner allows for comprehensive gas and chemical filtration.

“Operation Clean Air” is headed by Frank Hammes, president of IQAir. "This project will be the first time ultra-high efficiency air cleaning is used on a large scale to provide performance enhancement at an athletic event."

In November of 2007, a team of IQAir experts and the USOC traveled to Beijing to examine indoor spaces that would be used by USA athletes.

"Our goal is to ensure that we do everything possible to provide the very best training and performance advantages we can for our athletes," says Margaret Hunt, medical director for the USOC." We feel that while all athletes will appreciate our efforts with IQAir, athletes with asthma will especially benefit."

For more information, go to iqair.com.