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Travelers flock to John Wayne in July

The local airport posted a 4 percent increase in passenger traffic over 2011

by Caitlin AdamsPublished: August 29, 2012 01:30 PM

Orange County air travel saw a good bump last month as the amount of travelers passing through John Wayne Airport increased by four percent compared to the same time last year. Total passenger traffic numbered 816,536 last month contrasted with 784,927 in July of 2011.  

“We have definitely noticed more leisure travelers due to the Cabo service which started in June served by AirTran,” said Jenny Wedge, public information officer for John Wayne Airport. Wedge reported that more than half of the airport’s increased traffic is due to AirTran Airways’ popular flight services, with destinations to Mexico City, Cabo San Lucas, San Franciso and Las Vegas. “[This] tells us that other airlines are also seeing more travelers –– business and leisure –– this summer.”

Other areas of operations at the airport have seen mixed levels of activity. Total aircraft operations declined by almost 6 percent compared to July 2012. General aviation operations also fell, by nearly 10 percent.

Increases came in the areas of commercial aircraft operations, which rose by 3.6 percent, and air cargo tons, rising 14.2 percent. Military operations at the airport more than doubled compared to last year, with the number of flights and take-offs performed by the armed forces increasing from 16 to 36.

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