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JWA receives $100,000 from Southern California Gas Co.

The transportation hub’s energy-efficient Central Utility Plant meets incentive requirements.

by sara ferrerPublished: June 01, 2011

Courtesy of John Wayne Airport
As part of an initiative to encourage businesses to use natural gas for energy needs, the Southern California Gas Co. (SoCalGas) bestowed a $100,000 check on John Wayne Airport for constructing its energy-efficient Central Utility Plant, located next to the Thomas F. Riley Terminal complex.

Also known as Rule 38, SoCalGas’ Commercial/Industrial Equipment Incentive Program furnishes participating companies with up to 50 percent of the funds needed to purchase equipment that will utilize lower-cost natural gas.

"We applaud SoCalGas' commitment to energy efficiency," said Alan Murphy, airport director. "We very much appreciate their support of John Wayne Airport's efforts to build a facility that not only makes operational sense, but is financially and environmentally responsible."

JWA’s Central Utility Plant, which was completed in December, utilizes a waste-heat-recovery system connected with the natural-gas engine generators to create 1,800 tons of refrigeration capacity through the use of absorption chillers; this satisfies the bulk of the airport's needs for cold water. The Central Utility Plant also uses electric-operated chillers for the same purpose.

"John Wayne Airport's … plant is a good example of why the Commercial/Industrial Equipment Incentive Program was created," said Gwen Marelli, director of Commercial & Industrial Services for SoCalGas. "John Wayne Airport's (machinery) qualifies for the incentive, as they meet certain minimum efficiency requirements, and a portion of their waste heat will be utilized in the plant's operation."

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