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Johnny Rockets creates international division

Newly appointed company president Steve Devine to lead new division

by Carly CaumaintPublished: July 11, 2012 03:30 PM

Johnny Rockets will make its way to six more countries by the end of this year with the help of new president of Johnny Rockets International, Steven Devine. The restaurant currently has locations in seventeen countries and plans to expand further in the years to come.

“Going from 68 to the targeted 180 restaurants over the next several years, our international partners will require an increasing amount of corporate support and brand leadership. There’s really no one better suited to provide that than Steve,” said John Fuller, CEO of Johnny Rockets. “He has worked either in or with every department in our Company and has always demonstrated outstanding brand-building and leadership skills. His drive to achieve the best possible dining experiences for our guests is reflected in everything he does and we know that he will successfully grow and manage our brand’s reputation around the world.”

The iconic burger joint currently holds franchising agreements with countries throughout North and South America, Asia and the Middle East. By the end of this year Nigeria, Indonesia, Morocco, Brazil, Peru and Ecuador will also be added to the list. Planned establishments are to be expected in 40 different restaurants throughout Russia with expansions seen in South Korea, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Bahrain as well. Future deals are being discussed with Oman, Pakistan, Poland, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Costa Rica, among others.

Devine will be in charge of all development abroad as well as the construction of a core team to work with Johnny Rockets’ Restaurant Support Center, a division that helps franchises get established and helps new owners with any questions or issues along the way. The team is expected to provide necessary tools to international partners while ensuring that the Johnny Rockets brand is represented consistently around the world.

“I have a real passion for – and knowledge of – this brand. So, I’m genuinely honored that I was selected for this position and will continue to create and nurture relationships with quality operators that want to expand the Johnny Rockets brand overseas.”

Devine previously held the position of executive vice president of the company’s franchise development division. Prior he led restaurant operations for Sizzler, Wrapsters, and Kenny Rogers Roasters.     

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