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Kelley Blue Book teams up with Auction Genius

The newly integrated Kelley Blue Book Auction Value and Auction Genius allows auto dealers better options in purchasing the right vehicle.

by Crystal NguonlyPublished: February 01, 2012 12:15 PM

A leading provider of new and used car information, Irvine-based company Kelley Blue Book has created a new joint venture with Auction Genius, a web-based software provider for auto dealers buying vehicles purchasing vehicles at auction.

After a recent move in expanding KBB’s vehicle valuation to consumers in 51 regions to bring up to date on the most recent and accurate car values, Kelley Blue Book is now enhancing the vehicle research process with its new program.  

Now dealers can quickly and more efficiently evaluate more vehicles, allowing them to better assess vehicle purchases. The new program will allow dealers to research local auctions, specific vehicle information and any vital vehicle information in one convenient location.

Juan Flores, Kelley Blue Book’s director of vehicle valuation, said the new program will be highly beneficial to dealers in performing their research for the best deal.

“Having the vehicle valuation readily available during a live auction not only empowers the dealer to make the best purchase decision for his or her lot, but also offers relevant and timely information about what should be paid for a particular model.”

Kelley Blue Book is one of the most relied-on information sources for vehicle valuation by both consumers and auto dealers. Through hundreds of data sources, the company provides information on vehicle pricing for both new and used cars along with other vehicle information through auto manufacturers, finance and insurance companies.

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