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Liquidmetal Technologies partners with Materion Brush Inc.

Local company goes global with a strategic partnership

By Kylie MalstromPublished: December 13, 2011 12:20 PM

Rancho Santa Margarita-based Liquidmetal Technologies Inc., a research and development firm pursuing the commercialization of amorphous metals, has entered a partnership with Materion Brush Inc., a global producer of advanced materials and services. The Certified Liquidmetal Partners Program will include a contribution of alloy production technologies from Materion in partnership with Liquidmetal and other Certified Liquidmetal Partners. The goal is to ensure that customers are provided consistently high quality products and support.

Through the partnership, Materion will produce Liquidmetal alloy materials necessary to the creation of customer parts. Liquidmetal will contribute and collaborate on research and development and have access to Materion’s production facilities worldwide.

“Our goal for the partnership with Liquidmetal Technologies is to define and set the market standards for production of next-generation products,” said Richard J. Hipple, Chairman, President and CEO of Materion. “As a technology driven company with a proven track record across more than 80 years enabling the mass scale production capabilities of the world’s leading technologies, Materion believes the alliance with Liquidmetal adds a new and unique capability within the marketplace today.”

“We are excited about adding Materion to our list of Certified Liquidmetal Partners,” said Thomas Steipp, President and CEO of Liquidmetal. “As we qualify each and every process step required for designing and manufacturing Liquidmetal parts, we look for those companies with an established track record in developing and successfully deploying new technology. Equally important, is a passion for allowing innovative companies to fundamentally rethink the way that they design complex parts for their solutions. Materion meets both of these criteria. By partnering with technology and manufacturing leaders such as Materion, we ensure our customers of extraordinary quality and unlimited ability to scale production.”

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