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O.C. entrepreneurs unveil my4oneone.com

A Rancho Santa Margarita couple taps into informative social networking

By Nicole LyonsPublished: November 08, 2011 01:25 PM

A new social website, my4oneone.com, hosted its launch party recently at [seven-degrees], an events venue in Laguna Beach. Its founders, Greg and Shannon Hernandez, introduced features that the secure site will offer, which allows users to share wish lists, holidays celebrated and, in the future, medical information with friends, family and co-workers, based on the user’s itemized privacy settings.

The site, which is slated to go into "alpha stage" later this month, is the brainchild of the Rancho Santa Margarita couple, who a year ago realized the need to store personal information safely and access it at any time.

My4oneone.com has social networking features, where users can make comments, but its purpose is to provide details about a person’s life, personal style and favorite foods; in the future, it will allow users to conveniently store and access secure information, such as health insurance details and medications.

“It’s a passion of ours," said Shannon Hernandez. "We both work during the day and started this on the side. We want to make people's lives easier. And if we save lives because of it, that’s even better.”

The website is still under development, but at its current stage – demonstrated at the launch event – it includes five introductory pages: contact, personal, sizes, body art and education. In each of these categories, the user can designate whether the info will be made public for all users; personal for friends only; privileged for in-laws, kids and spouses; or private for the user’s eyes only.

Slated for later development are pages that will allow users to identify and manage their preferences in categories that include home décor brands, food and general interests. Other sections will include Emegencies, where a user can enter information about medicines and medications; myCalendar, to share and manage events and invitations; and myRecommendations, for trade services and feedback about local companies. Apps are also in the works for the iPhone, iPad and Droid smartphones.  

Jami Longo, a mother of three, has tried out the site for four months and said she really likes the wish list feature, because it saves time. Her family can share their personal wish list with grandparents and friends, and all the information is there for them, where an item – with all of its relevant details – can be purchased. Longo commented, “I think my4oneone is so much more than other networks.”

Dan Morovick is a private investor who joined the my4oneone.com project through his personal acquaintance with Greg and Shannon Hernandez. He attended the launch event with his wife, Susan.

“Susan and I thought something special was here – something other social network sites don’t have. This very thing could take off and affect our generation,” Morovick said.

Following its alpha stage, my4oneone.com is currently scheduled to go into beta release in January 2012. A Founder’s Club celebration will take place in March for the first 411 subscribers who join the site.

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