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PocketFinder GPS Locators go mobile

New apps for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch allow users to pinpoint people and vehicles in real-time

By Sophia GioielloPublished: October 25, 2011 01:05 PM

Location Based Technologies Inc. contributes to our mobile society by releasing a new, mobile version of the company’s PocketFinder Personal GPS Locator and GPS Vehicle Locator apps for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. The Irvine-based company will offer the PocketFinder App at no cost from Apple’s App Store.

According to Location Based Technologies, Inc., the mobile PocketFinder App offers the same features as the web-based GPS system. It allows users to view a world map, and then zoom to pinpoint people or vehicles. In addition, consumers can customize settings by using zones that notify users if a person enters or leaves the specified zone. The app also features speed limits to ensure a vehicle drives safely, and help locate lost or stolen vehicles. These alerts are then sent to users via email, text messaging and push notification. The mobile PocketFinder apps locate people and vehicles in real-time and recharges as easily as a cell phone.

Dave Morse, CEO of Location Based Technologies, explains the necessity of the new app: “In our highly mobile society, this App for our PocketFinder devices delivers an easy solution that helps you use technology to stay connected to what you value most-children, pets, vehicles and assets-at any time and from almost anywhere. With our new mobile Apps for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, we’ve made keeping in touch with loved ones as simple as touching a few keys.”

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