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Masimo commits to action with Clinton Global Initiative

Masimo and CGI’s joint project will combat maternal mortality and anemia around the globe

by Kara VaporeanPublished: September 28, 2012 09:05 AM

Irvine-based Masimo, a global medical technology firm, has partnered with the Clinton Global Initiative as part of the company’s $1 million Commitment to Action to help solve the maternal mortality and anemia problem that is spreading across the globe.  

The two-year project will begin in five villages throughout Liberia and Uganda, where epidemics of maternal mortality and anemia are at a record high. Masimo is working on partnerships with other countries in efforts to reduce the incidence of these conditions.

The Maternal Mortality and Anemia project will launch in October in a four-phase process. Phase 1 will mobilize resources and impalement routine anemia screenings and education followed by Phase 2 measuring the sustainability of the screening; Phase 3 measuring the compliance to education and supplementation and Phase 4 by identifying the health and wellness impact and longevity of sustainability.

According to the World Health Organization, an estimated two billion people, more than one quarter of the world population, are anemic. Pregnancy-related anemia is common during birth and can in turn cause lifelong anemia, which may result in cognitive, neurological and cardiac damage, or death. In addition, every 90 seconds a women dies from maternal mortality, a complication that occurs during pregnancy or childbirth caused by heavy bleeding or post-partum hemorrhaging. Death often occurs during pregnancy or within 42 days of termination of the pregnancy.

“Anemia is a widespread public health problem with major consequences for human health as well as social and economic development," a statement presented by WHO and UNICEF.

Masimo is the only company with a commercially available noninvasive hemoglobin monitor with FDA approval. Pronto, Masimo’s handheld hemoglobin monitor noninvasive measures hemoglobin levels in under a minute by placing a patients finger over a sensor and the push of a button to quickly measure a mother or child with low hemoglobin.

Masimo and CGI have formed a public-private partnership with a grant of $300,000, afforded by the Masimo Foundation for Ethics, Innovation and Competition in Healthcare along with $550,000 in donated equipment.

Additional supporters of the partnership program include Liberia’s Tiyatien Health, a non-profit organization working towards saving the lives of those in remote villages by providing health care activists with the equipment and support to do so. The Opio Uganda Team will help facilitate out reach throughout anemia management.

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