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Mesa Water District rebrands itself for the New Year

Formerly known Mesa Consolidated Water District, the facility has changed its image with a new name and logo

by Karina AlexanderPublished: January 16, 2013 08:25 AM

After 53 years of service, the Mesa Consolidated Water District has started the New Year with a name and logo makeover. The Costa Mesa-based utility, which serves most of Costa Mesa, parts of Newport Beach and unincorporated parts of Orange County, has shortened its name to Mesa Water District and adopted a recognizable new logo.

“While it will always be an important part of Mesa Water’s history, the word ‘consolidated’ in the organization’s name became nonessential as it referred to an event that took place when the District was formed more than 50 years ago, which almost nobody remembers today,” said James Fisler, Mesa Water’s board president. “Shortening the organization’s name makes it more memorable, relevant, and user-friendly for our key audiences to recognize, relate to, and refer to the District, thus contributing to the Board’s strategic plan goal of increasing public awareness of Mesa Water and water in general.”

The new logo’s design resembles waterfall waves in two blue colors, representing the “M” and “W” of “Mesa Water”, and is being implemented across all platforms. Previously, there were many variants of the logo and name, which caused for confusion among consumers, and even employees. The new logo is meant to provide a clear and distinct image for the company, which can be recognized easily and consistently.

Mesa Water has launched the rebranding effort in order to let the public know who provides their water. The utility believes that is important to the company to be recognized in order to serve the customer to the fullest extent, provide educational resources to the consumer, and strengthen its reputation within the community.

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