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Metagenics releases its 2011 education schedule

The San Clemente-based firm's programs will focus on the role of genetics and nutrition in health care.

by brandon russellPublished: March 29, 2011

San Clemente-based Metagenics has released its 2011 education schedule, in hopes of reaching more physicians and other health-care practitioners with its turnkey FirstLine Therapy programs.

The “nutrigenomics” (nutritional genomics) and lifestyle medicine company focuses on reversing chronic illness and improving health through the use of nutrition and a personal lifestyle educator to positively impact gene expression.

The company’s 2011 educational programs will include information on maintaining a healthy hormone balance, nutrition and certification for health-care practitioners, among many other topics.

“The National Institutes of Health, the Centers for Disease Control and other health-care organizations recommend lifestyle medicine as the first line of therapy before turning to prescription drugs for conditions such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes," said Dr. Jeff Bland, the chief science officer for Metagenics. “Unfortunately, most practitioners do not have the training or resources to comply with this recommendation.”

Leading lifestyle medicine practitioners, physicians, nutritionists and researchers in the field of nutrigenomics will moderate both live events and webinars at this year’s programs.

“Our educational programs arm them with the knowledge they need to practice lifestyle medicine, while the FirstLine Therapy model makes it practical and financially viable for them to do so,” Bland said. “As a result, these health-care professionals are able to help patients make real changes in their lives and health, and to combat the epidemic of chronic illness we are currently facing.”

Founded in 1983, Metagenics. serves more than 75,000 health-care providers worldwide, has earned more than 40 international or domestic patents and participates in more than 200 events annually.

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