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Mitsubishi reveals lease program details for new 2012 i

The automaker’s first all-electric vehicle is now available to lease

by Griffin RogersPublished: July 06, 2012 02:00 PM

Mitsubishi Motors North America, headquartered in Cypress, has named Detroit-based Ally Financial as the preferred services provider of leasing and financing for the automaker’s new 100 percent electric-powered 2012 Mitsubishi i.

Ally Financial’s role as the favored financing provider will not only extend to other vehicles in Mitsubishi’s lineup, but also expand the number of choices presented to consumers who purchase an automobile from a Mitsubishi dealership in North America.

"As we continue to expand our automotive financing portfolio, we are pleased to work with Mitsubishi in this new preferred provider relationship," said Jim Kucharski, vice president of Alliance Sales for Ally Financial. "Ally has the nationwide infrastructure and full services capability to complement other financial services providers and deliver additional choice and flexibility to dealers and their customers."

Lease payments for the Mitsubishi i-MiEV may be as low as $249 a month and $3,498 down payment for the ES model, which is equipped with a high-speed, electric vehicle charger. Payments are based on Mitsubishi’s suggested retail price, $30,675.

Yoichi Yokozawa, president and CEO of Mitsubishi Motors North America, described the new zero-emissions vehicle as “highly efficient.”

"This [new lease program] will provide small businesses and consumers with even more convenient means to finance their new Mitsubishi Motors electric vehicle, making the Mitsubishi i more attractive to those individuals and companies that want to make a difference by opting for a sustainable and highly cost-effective form of transportation," said Yoichi Yokozawa.

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