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Neudesic offers new Facebook-like service for business

The Irvine-based tech firm releases Pulse and evolves communication into real-time message streams.

by amanda edenPublished: September 16, 2010 02:30 PM

Irvine-based Neudesic has launched a new product – Pulse – that can connect people and complex systems such as SharePoint and CRM in a real-time, secure online environment.


“We wondered why it was easier to find information and interact with people on sites like Facebook and Twitter than in the enterprise,” said Neudesic CEO Parsa Rohani, who spearheaded the Pulse initiative. “We realized we needed a new medium to connect us to the intelligence and insight at the heart of our business. That's why we created Pulse: to take business communication to the next level.”


With Pulse, users can:


• Create topical pages that are viewable by an entire organization or only specific people


• Follow people or systems, such as Dynamics CRM and SharePoint, to receive event updates


• Search for topics, people, pages or systems to quickly find information


• Connect with other people from the office or on the road with support for all major mobile clients, including Blackberry, iPhone, Android and Windows Phone 7


"Neudesic has used Pulse internally for nearly a year, and it has broken down the walls that separate our departments, exposing expertise and knowledge like never before," Rohani said. "Our business systems are no longer silent information repositories, since we can now connect to them through Pulse and see when they ‘Pulse’ events in real-time."