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New iPhone 3G to be released Friday

Orange County braces for Friday's launch of the new iPhone.

Ashley AffeldtPublished: July 09, 2008 03:35 PM

New iPhone 3G to be released Friday

Apple is releasing its new iPhone 3G this Friday to all Apple and AT&T stores. The phone looks the same as the original iPhone, however, the new version is less expensive and much faster.
    The popularity of the first iPhone resulted in long lines of people waiting in anticipation for the release. However, because of the high price, slow network, and some unavailability in certain areas, the phone didn’t meet expectations. The new iPhone 3G was launched to answer those issues, starting with price. Originally selling for between $399 to $499, the new model ranges from $199 to $299.
    The manager at Apple’s Fashion Island location says the staff doesn’t know what to expect. “They are prepared for anything,” she offered.
    Not only can you surf the Internet with this phone, but you can also access App, the new online store, GPS mapping and Microsoft Exchange. The phone also has a GPS chip in it, which makes for better location sensing, and more accessible coverage.
    For those who bought the original iPhone, but want the faster speeds and better service without buying a new phone, there is a solution. Apple is offering free software upgrades.
    There are five Apple stores in Orange County; Irvine Spectrum Center, The Shops At Mission Viejo, South Coast Plaza, Fashion Island and the Brea Mall. iPhones are additionally sold at all AT&T stores.