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Plug In America organizes O.C.’s first annual Plug In Day

The Tailgate Without Tailpipes Meet-up celebrates electric vehicles and clean energy

By Sophia GioielloPublished: October 26, 2011 03:00 PM

Plug In America, a non-profit organization, works to promote the necessary transition to clean energy vehicles and reduce our reliance on petroleum. The organization focused on global environment hosted O.C.’s first annual Plug In Day. The event was held at the Orange County Library parking lot on Oct. 16, where dozens of electric vehicle drivers and clean energy enthusiasts gathered for a Tailgate Without Tailpipes Meet-up. The celebration also featured a procession and parade of highway-capable electric cars: Chevy Volts, Nissan LEAFs, Toyota Priuses, a few of Toyota’s legacy RAV4 EVs, and even a sexy Tesla roadster or two.

After the Tailgate Without Tailpipes Meet-up, guest speakers stood up to extol the virtues of the plug-in lifestyle, including Orange Councilwoman, Tita Smith, solar installer and electric vehicle expert, William Korthof, and Charge Harbor’s Ryan Grady, who helped install over 30 Coulomb public car-charging stations in O.C. There were 70 plug-in cars, charging equipment, and other prominent products on display for the public to admire and celebrate the importance of becoming less petroleum-dependent.   

According to Plug In America, O.C.’s Plug In Day event is one of dozens across the country where clean energy vehicle owners will participate in parades, tailpipe-free tailgate parties, public speeches, celebratory plugging-in events and other grassroots initiatives.

“The vision of 70 electric cars lining up and gliding through the quiet, historical streets of Orange made for a remarkable sight and demonstrated that plug-in cars are finally starting to roll off automaker production lines,” said Linda Nicholes of Plug In America. "National Plug In Day was organized to call attention to the many benefits of plug-in cars."

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