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Published: October 01, 2012

Car show maestro

John Sackrison is ready for the curtain to rise on the OC International Auto Show.

John Sackrison
Show Director, OC International Auto Show

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Originally from the Motor City, John Sackrison, show director for the Orange County International Auto Show (OCIAS), has always had a passion for cars – and maybe a little gasoline in his veins.
While still in college, John worked at the North American International Auto Show and saw first-hand how the shows celebrated our love affair with the automobile; he couldn’t imagine doing anything else. He moved here a decade ago after being drawn to Orange County’s high level of enthusiasm for cars and the opportunity to run one of the top auto shows in the nation.
Sackrison’s passion for cars stems from his early years in Detroit and his appreciation for what he calls “a perfect marriage of form and function.”
By his calculations, form doesn’t follow function in today’s automobiles. Rather, it’s the ideal balance of both, in which more than 3,000 parts working in unison create pieces of art capable of moving us from place to place while allowing us to express ourselves and inspire passion.
The OCIAS, which runs Oct. 4 to 7 at the Anaheim Convention Center, will be Sackrison’s 20th such event. He is more excited than ever to celebrate his and Orange County’s love affair with cars. 
“I am in awe of the advancements we are seeing in automotive design, performance, technology and safety,” he says. “The auto show is the best place to explore what is new in the automotive world and find what inspires you.”



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