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Quantum receives more than $700K in orders for natural gas fuel storage systems

The natural gas firm takes in additional purchase orders for its new lightweight natural gas storage tanks

by Crystal NguonlyPublished: March 29, 2012 08:05 AM

A global leader in natural gas fuel and natural gas systems development, Irvine-based Quantum Fuel System Technologies Worldwide, Inc. announces growing interest in its lightweight composite, high-pressure compressed natural gas storage tanks. The company has received additional purchase orders for the units that are expected to exceed $700,000 in value.

Quantum’s carbon composite tanks allow for easier installation because of its lightweight structure and therefore increasing passenger capacity. It also allows greater driving range because of the on-board storage capacity and is easy to install and service. The fuel systems are appropriate for both heavy duty and lightweight fleet vehicles

As a fully integrated alternative energy company and leader in natural gas development, Quantum is pushing the future benefits for using natural gas fuels.

“The low natural gas prices, combined with the availability of new EPA compliant natural gas trucks from major OEMs [original equipment manufacturers] is prompting many corporations to re-evaluate their fleet strategies to include clean natural gas trucks. Natural gas vehicles are an ideal solution to meet corporate ‘greening’ and sustainability goals, while also benefiting from tremendous savings in fuel costs,” says Alan Niedzwieck, Quantum’s president and CEO.

Quantum’s customer base includes automotive OEMs, the aerospace industry, military and private fleet firms. The company also aims to provide support to the production of natural gas alternatives and safe renewable technology solutions.

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