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RA Sushi aims to raise $1 million with annual Nicky’s Week fundraiser

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital will receive the proceeds from select menu items for a full week

Jacy DanquePublished: May 25, 2012 08:30 AM

RA Sushi continues to help St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital by donating 100 percent of their profits during Nicky’s Week, May 27 to June 2. This 8th annual fundraiser hopes to bring in $1 million to help the hospital find treatments of pediatric cancer and other fatal illnesses, like sickle cell disease and pediatric HIV.

“RA Sushi is honored to continue to support St. Jude and help them with their life-changing mission,” said Scott Kilpatrick, cofounder and vice president of RA Sushi. “We want to help ensure their services remain available to children and families battling serious illness.”

RA Sushi is known for its fresh sushi, original cocktails, and happy hour. All 25 RA Sushi restaurants partake in the annual event, including locations in California Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Kansas, Maryland, Nevada and Texas. The two Orange County restaurants are located in Huntington Beach and Tustin.

All locations will contribute 100 percent of the revenue from six selected food items on the menu and nine specialty beverages. A few of the dishes include Tootsy Maki (kani kama crab mix, shrimp and cucumber rolled and topped with crunchy tempura bits, drizzled with sweet eel sauce), Shrimp Nigiri, Pork Gyoza, Chicken Yakitori, and Garlic Citrus Yellowtail Tapas.

The most Nicky’s Week has raised in a single year for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital is reported to be more than $943,000. This year, RA Sushi is aiming to break that record and donate more than $1 million.

RA Sushi began Nicky’s Week in memory of the nephew of one of RA Sushi’s founders. Nicholas “Nicky” Mailliard died of brain cancer in February 2005 at the age of 13. He was a patient at St. Jude and was loved by many RA Sushi members. Therefore, RA Sushi has made it their goal to increase awareness and donations for St. Jude, where children and families will never be turned down for any reason.

“I had the opportunity to visit St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis several years ago and met with researchers, doctors as well as staff at the hospital.  They all care so much about finding a cure, while making sure these families feel supported 100 percent,” explained Amy Sun, RA Sushi’s director of marketing.

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