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Rakuten Buy.com rebrands as Rakuten.com Shopping

After a gradual transition, Japanese owner will change name of site from Rakuten Buy.com to Rakuten.com Shopping

by Karina AlexanderPublished: January 14, 2013 09:30 AM

Aliso Viejo-based Rakuten Buy.com will officially rebrand itself as Rakuten.com Shopping, with a new site launching on January 31. The new brand identity marks the conclusion of a 31-month transition for the company.

Buy.com was originally launched in 1997 as a U.S.-based e-commerce website and was acquired by Japanese firm Rakuten Inc. in May 2010. After a gradual and successful transition, Rakuten Inc., the third largest global online market place, has completely shifted Buy.com over to the Rakuten brand.

"Rakuten.com Shopping is for the online shopper who expects quality over quantity and enjoyable shopping experiences over ambiguous transactions. We are very excited about raising the bar for online shopping and continuously improving to meet the modern shopper's wants and needs,” said Roger Andelin, president and CTO of Rakuten Buy.com.

Rakuten.com Shopping will be a global e-commerce site that promotes the notion of shopping as a form of entertainment. It connects shoppers with new product discoveries and a large selection of unique products. Rakuten.com Shopping offers more than 16 million products from a network of 5,500 business owners.

The site will be launching a series of new e-commerce features in the coming months.  Some of the new features of Rakuten.com Shopping include the ability to shop from electronic devices, a range of products, new customized discovery and search options, and easy navigation across mobile and PC platforms.

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