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SRS Labs launches new WideSurround for smartphones

The technology allows for enhanced sound and is available on Samsung’s new Continuum Galaxy S.

BY JENNA SWEENEYPublished: December 03, 2010 09:05 AM

Santa Ana-based SRS Labs’ new WideSurround technology hit the market with the commercial release of Samsung’s Continuum Galaxy S smartphone, equipped with built-in stereo speakers that provide immersive surround sound.

“Today’s smartphones either carry or have access to massive libraries of songs, movies and TV shows, but unfortunately, almost all of these mobile devices suffer the drawback of collapsed audio due to their small and closely spaced speaker configurations,” said Allen H. Gharapetian, vice president of marketing for SRS Labs.

SRS officials say the Continuum Galaxy offers greater dynamic audio range than the average cell phone. Traditional cell phones are limited by size and rely on micro-sized speakers that do not reach the audio capacity of a radio or television.

“As a result, it’s nearly impossible to experience an immersive surround experience from a mobile device,” said Gharapetian. “SRS WideSurround ... eliminates this challenge and effectively delivers a compelling and dynamic audio experience through the phone’s built-in stereo speakers.”

The Continuum Galaxy S enables users to watch movies, TV or listen to music with the capabilities of surround sound. The phone is available for purchase at Verizon Wireless.

SRS Labs specializes in audio enhancement, voice processing and surround system technology. The company was founded in 1993, and by 2007, seven out of nine flat-panel TV manufacturers were using SRS Labs’ audio technology.

SRS was included in the 2010 American’s Greatest Brands, taking the spot of the only audio company ever featured in the lineup. More than 2 billion SRS products are sold around the world, including PCs, STBs, mobile phones, HDTVs and automotive entertainment.

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