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SRS invests in new lab and partners with OnLive

The facility is designed to enhance production, and the deal with gaming pioneer brings gives boost to products.

BY LAUREN GIUDICEPublished: January 06, 2011 08:29 AM

Santa Ana-based SRS has finished work on its new research and development facility – and at the same time, the company formed a new partnership with OnLive Inc. that will bring surround sound to video games.

The new Advanced Rendering Lab – or ARL – is designed to provide for a more efficient and effective production process than traditional sound facilities. It’s outfitted with a scaffolding cage, which permits the placement of speakers in countless locations around the room. It has the capacity to hold hundreds of speakers and will allow creators to determine exactly where they want sound to be in various rooms. It also has 20 self-powered studio monitors and two powered subwoofers.  

OnLive and SRS’s partnership will deliver top-tier video games in 5.1surround sound.

“The ARL is literally an audiophile’s dream come true,” said Alan Kraemer, chief technology officer for SRS Labs. “The lab is truly a 21st century research facility where, with the click of a few buttons connected to a powerful software-driven system, we can hear our ideas come to life instantaneously and rapidly refine them on the fly. I am confident that the technologies that we’re developing in this lab will change the audio industry as we know it.”

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