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SaviCorp and MIH Marketing team up to promote green product

The DynoValve cuts harmful automobile emissions and increases fuel efficiency.

By Elaine MurphyPublished: February 29, 2012 07:45 AM

SaviCorp, a Santa Ana-based manufacturer of green automobile technologies that reduce emissions and increase fuel efficiency, has partnered with social media firm MIH Marketing to promote the O.C. firm’s new product, the DynoValve. Designed to boost gas mileage and decrease the production of toxic compounds such as carbon monoxide and nitrous oxide by 50 to 90 percent, the DynoValve is reputed to be the industry’s only electronic positive crankcase valve (PCV).

The product regulates the flow of unburned fuel and exhaust gases, allowing these gases to escape properly instead of flowing back into the engine, where they can clog narrow passageways, contribute to overheating and raise emissions levels. 

St. Louis-based MIH Marketing will promote the DynoValve through facebook, twitter and LinkedIn, highlighting its cost-effective benefits to drivers.

"MIH Marketing is a perfect partner for the DynoValve, as we continue to work with consumers and fleet owners needing our product," said SaviCorp CEO Serge Monros. "Their efforts to virally promote the DynoValve will be an important ingredient in exposing this product now through the month of March as the price of gas changes dramatically."

Rick Thomas, chief marketing officer for SaviCorp and the DynoValve, said, "We welcome the addition of MIH Marketing to our team as we build a strong promotional campaign for the DynoValve, and we look forward to their input and execution of a solid social media marketing campaign for this brand."

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