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International motorcycle manufacturer accelerates into O.C.

Germany-based Schuberth opens its North American headquarters in Aliso Viejo.

By Larry UrishPublished: September 15, 2010

Schuberth's C3 motorcycle helmet
Orange County business professionals work hard, and since local residents also play hard, an international sports company has chosen to establish an office in Aliso Viejo.

Magdeburg, Germany-based Schuberth, a motorcycle helmet manufacturing and distribution firm, has elected to make the South County city the location of its North American headquarters.

“Aliso Viejo, more specifically Orange County, was selected – as opposed to the East Coast – because … the hub of the motorcycle industry, especially motorcycle media, is based in Southern California,” said Sarah Schilke, Schuberth marketing manager.

Schuberth’s O.C. office is already at maximum capacity, and the company has hired six full-time employees and more than 12 consultants. Most of the consultants, who will be on the road to help business associates, will be located in Southern California.

Owners of Schuberth’s helmet models will be able to send them in or take them to the Aliso Viejo office for service and updated parts and related products.

“We are excited to reintroduce the North American market to our award-winning, German-engineered motorcycle helmets, accessories and customer service … through a network of exclusive dealers this November,” said Randy Northrup, Schuberth’s North American general manager. 

The Europe-base firm is no stranger to exotic, high-energy sports, since it also manufacturers and sells helmets used by Formula One drivers, including Michael Schumacher, widely regarded as one of the top F1 athletes ever. In addition, Schuberth provides helmets to firefighters, police officers and military personnel.

The company has created its Rider Communication System, which allows three motorcycle enthusiasts to talk at once while on the road, and provides cell phone functions, GPS navigation voice instructions, an FM radio and MP3 stereo tunes, among other features. In addition, Schuberth produces a helmet created specifically for women.

Pictured (left to right): Marcel Lejeune, CEO, Schuberth World Wide
Mayor Phillip Tsunoda of Aliso Viejo
Ross Chun, board president, Aliso Viejo Community Association
Randy Northrup, general manager, Schuberth North America

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