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St. Joseph and AT&T launch Telehealth program

Patients will be able to connect with specialists in a real-time virtual visit.

BY VICTOR JACOBSPublished: February 23, 2011 09:06 AM

Photo by Yuri Arcurs – Fotolia
Orange-based Saint Joseph Health System has partnered with AT&T to offer Telehealth, a collaborative health-care pilot project aimed at connecting patients and doctors through premium technology. Physicians and specialists will be able to tend to patients in a personalized real-time virtual visit.

The program will be rolled out over the next few months.

Spread across seven different locations in Orange County, each wellness station will be managed by AT&T Telepresence Solutions, which incorporates platforms by Cisco HealthPresence and AT&T Business Exchange.

The Orange County sites that have been chosen are Occupational Health Services at St. Jude Heritage Medical Group in Fullerton, Camino Health Clinic in San Juan Capistrano, St. Jude Neighborhood Clinic in Fullerton and Mission Hospital in Laguna Beach.

The goal of the project: to make health care more accessible across the region. Under the AT&T global network and in real time, doctors will be able to offer specialized, even urgent care to patients from miles away. It is about overcoming barriers to care for those who may not otherwise receive the medical attention they need.

"As a Catholic health-care system, it is our goal to extend beyond our hospital walls to provide better access to care, particularly specialty care, where it hasn't been as accessible before," said Dr. Elliot Sternberg, executive vice president of wellness and health improvement for St. Joseph Health System.

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Our company has over 70 video conference systems deployed throughout the US. We host meetings with Doctors and Pharmaceuticals several times a week on our in-house video conferencing network. Let us know how we can help our local medical operations spread out to other cities where you do not currently have this technology. Sincerely, Craig Sheppard IT Director – Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar
Comment at 2/23/2011
terrific article. Really well written and uncomplicated
Comment at 2/26/2011
I'm proud of y'all guys. It's really inspiring and i gotta say am happy for my friend Victor for being part of this positive thing
Comment at 2/28/2011