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SunWarrior launches new 10.5-watt solar mobile charger

The company launches a snap-on expandability to its PowerSwatch, allowing faster power charge in a shorter time

by Jacy DanquePublished: July 16, 2012 02:30 PM

Irvine-based solar technology company SunWarrior Inc. has introduced its newest product with ZapSnap technology to attach the PowerPlus2 to a PowerSwatch Mobile Solar Charger.

Described as a breakthrough in mobile solar charger technology, the gadget’s snap-on expandability allows additional expansion solar panels to increase power production and decrease charge time. The PowerSwatch solar chargers increase its 3.5 watts to 10.5 watts or more, without the hassle of external cabling.

“Our rugged, weather resistant PowerSwatch and PowerPlus2 solar charging system is perfectly suited to activities off the grid, like camping, fishing, golf, hiking and sporting events,” said Rourke Oakland, SunWarrior’s CEO. “In fact, it’s perfect for anyone whose phone, camera, GPS or other device has ever run out of power, whether or not you’re in the middle of nowhere or stuck in traffic,”

The PowerSwatch is the only expandable mobile solar charger on the market. Its 3.5-watt output charges most smartphones and smaller devices. PowerPlus2 are expansion solar panels made to charge bigger technologies, such as iPads, ereaders and tablets, at a faster pace. PowerPlus2 can be snapped onto either sides of the PowerSwatch with the ZapSnap.

“With 6 billion mobile subscribers worldwide, the need for convenient, cost-effective mobile solar chargers is enormous,” said Oakland. “But one size dose not fit all. While our competitors sell solar chargers of various power output, we offer the PowerSwatch, which can expand in increment of 7 watts with each additional PowerPlus 2 expansion solar panel. Our customers don’t have to buy a whole new charger if they want more power. They can simply add a PowerPlus2.”

SunWarrior Inc. creates products with the intentions of clean energy for consumers, residents and businesses. The PowerSwatch reaches out to individuals, providing charge anywhere, anytime. Its other products continue its drive to energy saving, such as the PowerWarrior for home electricity conservation and On-Site Energy System for commercial property owners.

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