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Sunwest Bank joins the BeVibrant Challenge

The Orange County-based bank takes part in iCount's employee wellness program.

BY KARLY barkerPublished: July 12, 2011

Sunwest Bank is teaming up with McGladrey, an international accounting firm, as the founding members and sponsors of a new employee-improvement program called the BeVibrant Challenge. The challenge is part of Orange County-based iCount’s initiative to create, “vibrancy in individual employees and in the company as a whole,” according to a joint statement by the companies. The program will encourage employees to be active in every aspect of their lives.

“McGladrey and Sunwest Bank have stepped up as partners in this endeavor,” said Sue Parks, founder and CEO of iCount. “These powerhouse companies will be integral in leading California’s work forces toward a new kind of program that focuses on creating vibrant, engaged employees and subsequently higher productivity throughout the organization.”

The first 10-week BeVibrant challenge will take place later this month and will help encourage participants to create a better work environment by living healthier lives.

“The first step in the program is getting people to understand how active they are,” said Parks. “Then learn how to set goals around activity for continues improvement.”

The companies and their employees will use  to track their progress. The initial BeVibrant Challenge will feature weekly drawings, as well as recognition for all winners each week.

A second challenge will begin in September, when participating companies will compete against each other on behalf of local charities.

“It’s proven that you achieve what you measure,” said Parks. “And that philosophy is the foundation of the iCount program, which provides fun and engaging tools and customized support that will facilitate healthier, more vibrant lifestyles for organizations, employees and communities.”

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