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Ki Nam, T3 Motion featured on Korean TV special

The company and its founder are the subject of a documentary to air this weekend in Korea

by Caitlin AdamsPublished: May 01, 2012 11:05 AM

T3 Motion, the Costa Mesa-based firm that designs and manufactures clean technology vehicles, will be the subject of a new Korean TV documentary this weekend. Featured in the special will be the story of the company’s founder, Ki Nam, who traveled to the U.S. to pursue the “American dream.”

The Korean Broadcasting Station is airing the one-hour program on its Global Success show. The popular weekly show follows the stories of Koreans who lead successful lives and businesses in other countries and attracts an audience of more than three million viewers. The program will also air on KBS World for international audiences.

Nam, who arrived in California in 1981 with $1,500, founded six companies in the GPS and wireless technology industries. During his time with Powerwave Technologies, a wireless products firm in Santa Ana, Nam served as the company’s head of product and development and sales, generating a relationship with Korea’s wireless infrastructure provider and growing Powerwave’s net worth to more than $4 billion on Nasdaq.

"We are pleased that Ki Nam will be recognized for being a highly respected business leader and innovator," said Rod Keller, T3 Motion’s CEO. "T3 Motion's success in the electric vehicle market is due, in large part, to Ki's incredible dedication to its products and growth. Furthermore, this publicity will significantly set in motion our company's global branding initiative – particularly in Korea."

Nam developed an interest in electric vehicle technologies beginning in 1999, which led to his unique battery and charger systems design. Nam founded T3 Motion a year later, and the T3 Series, the company’s flagship electric stand-up vehicle product, was launched in 2006.

The program airs on Saturday, May 5, at 7 p.m. on KBS. To find a local TV station that carries KBS-World programming, click here.

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