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T3 Motion assists law enforcement with License Plate Recognition System

The Costa Mesa-based firm's mechanism informs police of suspicious vehicles through mobile devices.

by Kristen CervantesPublished: July 12, 2011

Law enforcement officers will receive additional high-tech assistance to efficiently gain information about criminals, thanks to the recent release of the T3 License Plate Recognition System (LPR), produced by Costa Mesa-based T3 Motion.

The LPR uses a Wi-Fi-enabled device that scans license plates at an average of 7,500 vehicles per hour and informs police officers of suspicious plates in less than four seconds. T3 Motion – which produces a number of electric “personal mobility” vehicles designed primarily for law-enforcement and security personnel – used specific requirements from police officers to create the LPR.

“T3 worked closely with local law enforcement agencies to customize the LPR to meet their specific needs,” said Ki Nam, CEO of T3 Motion.

Starting at $4,900, the LPR will help police and security officers with stolen license plates, gang and terrorist watch lists and missing persons, including Amber Alerts. Parking lot ticketing, street light control and advanced traffic analysis are other system applications. The LPR will eventually do away with bulky computers, say T3 Motion reps, and is small enough to be stored safely.

The License Plate Recognition System works by scanning a plate, digitally reading the numbers and matching the numbers to a law enforcement database. The officer using the system is then notified of a flagged vehicle.

The LPR can be plugged into any handheld device that has Internet capabilities. Police officers can use it with devices such as the Samsung Galaxy Tab, iPad, Motorola Droid, Blackberry, iPod Touch and iPhone.

“This breakthrough technology is the perfect adjunct for any T3 customer with law enforcement requirements,” said Nam.

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