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T3 Motion rolls into Lebanon, Syria, Jordan

The Costa Mesa-based firm has signed a two-year distribution deal for its electric stand-up vehicle.

BY KRISTEN SCHOTTPublished: October 12, 2010 07:51 AM

Costa Mesa-based T3 Motion is expanding its presence in the Middle East through a new two-year deal with EcoVision Levant SAL.

Under the agreement, EcoVision will exclusively distribute the T3 i-Series Electric Stand-up Vehicle – or ESV – to Lebanon, Syria and Jordan, as well as nonexclusively in Iraq.

"Since 2006, our long-term market strategy includes expanding our clean-energy electric-vehicle footprint to the international marketplace," said Ki Nam, CEO of T3 Motion. "Through our exciting new partnership with EcoVision Levant, T3 Motion is very pleased to be expanding our reach further into the Middle East."

The vehicle, which is designed for law enforcement and security agencies, runs for less than 10 cents per day and has two rechargeable, lightweight batteries that can be swapped out during use. In addition, the auto boasts a zero-degree turning radius and can reach speeds of up to 15 miles per hour, among other features.

“The Middle East represents a fantastic opportunity and growing market for clean technology," said Ghinwa Zantout, director of EcoVision. "The ability to keep our cities and countries safer with the deployment of T3is while producing zero-gas emissions is a win-win scenario for our agency and security customers throughout the region.”

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