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Two Southern California lifestyle brands to merge

Mobile accessories company INCIPIO will acquire clothing company TAVIK

by Caitlin AdamsPublished: May 08, 2012 10:55 AM

In what appears to be an unusual move, TAVIK, a casual apparel brand, has been acquired by mobile accessories company INCIPIO. Both firms are headquartered in Irvine.

The deal is fueled by the view that mobile accessories have become “vehicles of self-expression,” according to company representatives, similar to the way people dress as a means of defining themselves. The TAVIK clothing label designates itself as a “music driven lifestyle brand,” and so the combined efforts of the two brands will seek to attract consumers that are engaged by music, fashion and technology.

“The original vision of TAVIK was, and still is, to be an iconic, worldwide lifestyle brand that produces premium collections for the active individual engaged in the modern beach culture,” said TAVIK CEO Erik Paulsen. “With INCIPIO’s global capabilities in production, logistics, warehousing, distribution and financing, TAVIK will have the freedom and resources to focus on product design, marketing and sales … enabling us to expand into new categories and grow tremendously upon our existing momentum.”

The acquisition will also allow the companies to work together on future creative efforts. The two firms first came together to collaborate on a collection of co-branded cases for the new iPad and the iPhone 4S. The cases featured designs and artwork by TAVIK artists and were unveiled at the Consumer Electronics show in Las Vegas at the beginning of the year.

“TAVIK is a highly-respected, premium lifestyle brand that has stayed true to its core over the past eight years in the apparel and accessories industry; the brand has tremendous potential,” said Andy Fathollahi, INCIPIO’s CEO. “Both TAVIK and INCIPIO have achieved diverse distribution while staying faithful to their Southern California heritage. Together, the brands will amplify each other’s strengths and leverage relationships and expertise to expand and boost profitability.”

Both companies share modest backgrounds, developing into well-known brands that define the style of their respective industries. TAVIK’s designs have appeared in the pages of Glamour and 944 magazines, as well as a number of surf publications. INCIPIO’s products for Apple, Andriod and Blackberry devices, as well as power accessories and headphones, are carried in more than 40,000 retail locations around the world.

The acquisition will combine the two companies under one roof, but each will continue to operate under its own brand.

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