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Taco Bell introduces FirstMeal breakfast menu

Mexican style chain restaurant Taco Bell launches its new breakfast menu FirstMeal.

by Crystal NguonlyPublished: January 27, 2012 07:55 AM

Irvine-based fast food chain Taco Bell has embarked on an effort to compete in the popular breakfast market by creating a breakfast menu called FirstMeal. Taco Bell has teamed up with some of America’s popular breakfast brands, including Johnsonville, Cinnabon, Tropicana and Seattle’s Best Coffee, and unveiled 11 new menu items.

Chief marketing and innovation officer at Taco Bell Corp., Brian Niccol, says the Mexican-inspired breakfast will be a great morning wake up for many Americans.

“We’ve partnered with leading breakfast brands that consumers know, love and trust, including Johnsonville Sausage, which has teamed with us to create our signature produce, a Sausage and Egg Wrap: a soft flour tortilla filled with savory sausage, fluffy eggs surrounded by melted cheese – all wrapped up and grilled. For those looking for more than a muffin, we feel they’ve met their morning match.”

FirstMeal will be offered in ten western states including California, Arizona and Colorado. Taco Bell first tested the new menu items in 150 restaurants in Bakersfield, Calif.; Oklahoma City, Okla.; Tucson, Ariz.; and Dayton, Ohio. Restaurants on the east coast will see new menu options beginning in 2013 along with a late night dinning option called FourthMeal.

Like other quick service chain restaurants such as Subway, which launched their breakfast menu in 2010, Taco Bell is hoping to buy into the action of the breakfast market with its new menu items.

“This is a very important launch for our brand. While we’re beginning in the west, where people grew up with breakfast burritos, we plan to reach a national audience in the future, becoming a part of their morning routine, and truly opening people’s minds and taste buds as they begin to open their eyes and take on the day,” says Niccol.

Restaurants will open their doors and drive-thrus an hour earlier to serve breakfast, from 8 or 9 a.m. to 11 a.m.

Some of the new items on the FirstMeal menu include a Sausage or Bacon and Egg Burrito, Hash Browns, Seattle’s Best Coffee, Tropicana Orange Juice, Cinnabon Delights, Johnsonville Sausage and Egg Wrap and Grande Skillet Burrito.

Serving over 36.8 million consumers each week, Taco Bell Corp is a subsidiary of Yum! Brands, Inc., which also includes KFC and Pizza Hut restaurants. Taco Bell is one of the nation’s biggest Mexican fast food chains.

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Readers Feedback:

looks yummy!!
Comment at 1/27/2012
Not a breakfast girl, but looks yummy! Prices? Just curious!
Comment at 1/29/2012
Great idea, I liked their breakfsat they had years ago. The problem...8am is not early enough to start serving breakfast for fast food. YOu need to be open by 7am to catch any commnuter traffic.
Comment at 1/30/2012