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Tech Coast Angels reports 37 investments in 2011

The venture capital network increased its activity over the past two years.

by Caitlin AdamsPublished: February 17, 2012 01:35 PM

Southern California-based Tech Coast Angels, the largest angel investment network in the country, funded a total of 37 different ventures in 2011 in a variety of industries.

TCA’s total investment fund last year amounted to $45 million. More than $11 million was raised through direct TCA investment, an increase of 80 percent over 2010. The group’s activity shows marked growth, with the total number of investments for the year rising by nearly 25 percent from 2010’s investments, and almost 50 percent from 2009.

Stephen Flaim, chairman of Tech Coast Angels, said the growth is due to the network developing a more focused investment strategy.

"We are more aggressive and investing actively as evidenced by the significant increase in the total number of investments over the past two years in innovative, forward-thinking new companies," Flaim said. "We are committed to identifying and nurturing bold, early-stage entrepreneurs with game-changing ideas and fostering their growth through connection, knowledge, mentoring and operational assistance – the cornerstones of our mission. "

TCA investment portfolio for the past year reflected a broad range of growth industries, including biotech and pharmacy, consumer products, financial services, social media, technology and green tech sectors. A few of the companies funded in 2011 include Banshee Bungee, Define My Style, Ranker, Swarmology, Vokle and Yowza, among others.

“This is an exciting time. We are energized about our upward trend and see no sign of slowing down,” Flaim said.

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