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Building trust, continued ...Published: June 01, 2012

Even those who have trust by the truckloads want more. Starbucks has built a frothing fan base as the king of dark-roasted coffee. Still, they recently introduced a lighter coffee, “the blonde roast,” because they realized there is a universe of consumers who want in on the Starbucks moment but can’t stomach the rich, strong blends that the chain has always served.
“It was brilliant because they just widened their customer base by showing they care enough to listen to a group that wants into the Starbucks culture,” says Mandy Levenberg, a branding expert with Minneapolis-based Iconoculture. “This is one powerful way to build trust.”
It can also start inside a company and spread externally through the voices and actions of employees. Several years ago, Colin Baden, CEO of Foothill Ranch-based Oakley, said he and other senior executives were “getting panicky” after Italian optical giant Luxottica purchased the action sports eyewear company for $2.1 billion. “We were hiring so many people that we felt we were losing touch with our identity internally,” Baden recalls.
So a small team crafted a five-point “manifesto” against which all actions and decisions could be measured to keep the company grounded and moving forward. It was introduced to the 5,000 employees in January, and Baden now says the values statement is the “best piece of work” produced by management in his decade at the company’s helm. “The speed at which it was consumed has been stellar,” he says. “It shows just how thirsty our workforce was for this.” 
Armed with a renewed purpose, Baden believes Oakley’s employees will become even more passionate and focused on their mission to connect with consumers. Besides, it’s hard not to trust a brand whose motto is, “If it’s not good enough for the world’s best, it’s not good enough.”

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Sharon The Mom Bautista - OK so I went to the evening srceive and Kasey mentioned the email she got from you!! Chuck then mentioned that people were watching online from Brazil and from Germany! After srceive, I purchased the tickets for Frances Chan and then ran into Cesar. He will be emailing you with his wonderful news i also met Cesars's dad. It was quite a Sunday!!!! Love the blog and the photos praying for you as school starts.
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