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Worth 1,000 words

The gurus at VeracityColab in Aliso Viejo understand the power of video.

by brandon russellPublished: October 01, 2012

For more than a century, films of all length and scope have captivated audiences around the world. In times of happiness, discord, sadness and war, the art form has endured, rapidly transitioning from early nickelodeons to the high-tech IMAX cathedrals of today. And thanks to some of the industry’s great visionaries – Chaplin, Coppola, Welles – one message has been gracefully persevered throughout the years: Video is a language.
It’s a message that permeates the culture of Aliso Viejo-based VeracityColab, a creative agency that knows a thing or two about 
communicating facts and making them relatable on an emotional level. Founded in 2006, the company is laser-focused mostly on creating videos – informational, advertising and promotional content for the Web and television – that expertly capture the essence of its clients.
With consumers’ gaze gravitating toward tiny smartphones and bright tablets, company staff early on realized the benefits of becoming part of the digital revolution. A succinct one-minute clip on Veracity’s website puts it into perspective: “[Video] is very unique, because most people understand it, and only a few know how to speak it. We know how to translate your words and ideas, concepts and emotions into the language 
of video.”
One look at VeracityColab’s body of work – Logitech UE, Kaleio, LegalZoom and Pear Sports – shows that this statement is not braggadocio; the company knows how to communicate and does so by gaining a thorough knowledge of whomever they’re representing and the video’s intended audience.
That kind of drive and commitment has helped VeracityColab grow in an exceedingly bleak economy. However, it’s the passion for the art that keeps the talented team on an upward trajectory. This ethic raises VeracityColab above the competition, as is reflected in its work.
The company knows that success comes from combining key factors to create a meaningful viewing experience that leaves a lasting impression. That’s the difference between producing Oscar-worthy material and a film that tanks on opening weekend.

QUICK FACT: More than 4 billion hours of video are watched on YouTube each month, and the supply keeps growing. An estimated 72 hours worth of video is uploaded every minute.


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