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Toshiba Storage releases new hard disk drives

The MQ01ABD series provides industry-leading storage density and a significant increase in data transfer speed.

by derek larsonPublished: August 09, 2011 07:15 AM

Toshiba Storage, a subsidiary of Irvine-based Toshiba America Information Systems Inc., last Monday unveiled the company’s new series of hard disk drives to hit the market.

The 2.5-inch drives have a capacity of up to 1 terabyte (TB). They provide an industry-leading storage density, with 744 GB per square inch.

The new hardware line’s quantity of data stored per square inch increased by over 37 percent, compared to prior 2.5-inch models, enabling a significant boost in data transfer, said Toshiba reps.

“Hard disk drives offer the best value for digital data storage by providing the highest combination of capacity, performance, cost and data reliability,” said Joel Hagberg, vice president of product marketing at Toshiba Storage.

The MQ01ABD series is also manufactured to produce minimal environmental impact, with the drives consuming only 0.55 watts while idle.

Hagberg added that the new line of hard disk drives “provides not only the capacity and performance required by notebook and PC manufacturers, multimedia professionals, multi-room set-top-box and other power users, but also the benefits of a low-power, environmentally friendly drive.”

Other product specs are as follows:
Model numbers: MQ01ABD100;  075;  050;  032;  025
Maximum capacity (formatted): 1TB and 750, 500, 320 and 250 GBs                  Maximum areal density: 744.1 GB per square inch
Maximum media transfer rate: 1288.6 MBps
Rotational speed: 5,400 RPM
Buffer memory: 8 MB
External dimensions (W x D x H): 69.85 mm x 100 mm x 9.5 mm
Weight: 112 g or 102 g

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