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UC Irvine Extension commemorates five decades

UCI Extension continues its ongoing commitment to education

By Morgan WardPublished: November 09, 2011 12:50 PM

The University of California, Irvine Extension is celebrating fifty years of providing continuing and higher education to individuals and businesses. UCI Extension will be organizing a series of events and projects aimed at uniting students, alumni, faculty and staff in honoring the past achievements and the future progress of the school.

One of the projects UCI Extension is putting together is called “Extension Changed My Life: 50 Years, 50 Stories”, a contest meant to recognize the past and present achievements of students and alumni of UCI Extension. Faculty and staff can visit Extension’s Facebook page to enter in the contest, in which they can share how UCI Extension has transformed their life. Fifty of the submitted stories will be chosen, and thank-you gifts will be awarded to those entrants whose stories are picked.

“We celebrate 50 years of changing our students’ lives,” said Gary W. Matkin, UC Irvine’s dean of Continuing Education, Distance Learning and Summer Session. “Extension programs have a great history of innovation, in meeting the needs of adult learners and supporting the growth of our city and region.”

Today, more than 14,000 students enroll in more than 3,500 classes that are offered by UCI Extension programs every year. In fall of 1965, when the first undergraduate students had yet to set food on the UCI campus, UCI Extension already had more than 6,000 adult learners enrolled. Through the years the enrollment continues to grow, reflecting the Extension’s dedication to enriching the lives of the students through the power of learning.

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Readers Feedback:

. Chancellor Robert J Birgeneau ($450,000 salary) displaces Californians qualified for public university education at Cal. for a $50,600 payment by a foreign student. The need for transparency at UC Berkeley has never been so clear. UC Berkeley, # 70 Forbes ranking, is not increasing enrollment. Birgeneau accepts $50,600 foreign students at the EXPENSE of displaced qualified instate Californians (If amortization of fixed assets funded by Californians are included in foreign and out of state tuition calculations they would pay more than $100,000+ and would NOT subsidize instate tuition) UC Regent Chairwoman Lansing and President Yudof both agree to discriminate against Californians for the admission of foreigners. Birgeneau, Yudof, Lansing need to answer to Californians. Opinions make a difference; email UC Board of Regents marsha.kelman@ucop.edu
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