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Record number of students apply to UC Irvine

UC Irvine saw a 10.5 percent increase in applications over 2011’s application period

by Kirsti CorreaPublished: January 16, 2012 12:05 PM

Nearly 70,000 students applied to UC Irvine for the fall 2012 quarter marking a record high for the Orange County university and confirming the school’s continued success as a quality educational institution for students.

UC Irvine has become the fourth most sought-after UC campus after receiving 54,465 freshman applications and 15,443 transfer applications, for a total of 69,908 applications. It follows UCLA, UC Berkeley and UC San Diego.  

Both freshman and transfer applications saw huge increases of applicants from last year. Specifically, freshman applications from California residents jumped 10 percent to 47,491; the numerical increase in applications, 4,304, is the largest gain in the UC system. Applications from out-of-state freshman residents grew 48 percent to 2,514 and overseas applications saw the biggest increase of 93 percent to 4,460 applications.

“We are extremely gratified that students and their parents value the quality of education we provide at UC Irvine and the measures we've taken to ensure academic excellence, despite declining funding from the state," said UCI Chancellor Michael Drake. "We have continued to hire top faculty members and we take great pride in the programs we offer our students.”

Overall, the entire UC system experienced a 9.8 percent increase from last year with a total of 160,939 applicants itching for a spot at the nine campuses.

“The overall applications picture is an exciting one for UCI,” said Brent Yunek, the assistant vice chancellor for enrollment services for the campus. “It's clear that we are seen as a leading research university both locally and internationally and that undergraduates know they will get spectacular opportunities and a high-quality education in this environment.”

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Readers Feedback:

Californians subsidize the tuition of foreign students at UC Berkeley (UCB) in the guise of diversity while instate student tuition/fees are doubled. UCB Chancellor Robert J Birgeneau displaces Californians qualified for public UCB with a $50,600 payment from foreign students. UCB is not increasing enrollment. Birgeneau accepts $50,600 foreign students and displaces qualified instate Californians (When depreciation of assets funded by Californians are in foreign and out of state tuition calculations, out of state and foreign tuition is more than $100,000 + and does NOT subsidize instate tuition). Like Coaches, Chancellors Who Do Not Measure Up Must Go: remove Birgeneau. More recently, the campus police reporting to Chancellor Birgeneau deployed violent baton jabs on students protesting Birgeneau’s tuition increases. The sky will not fall when Birgeneau and his $450,000 salary are ousted. Opinions make a difference; email UC Board of Regents marsha.kelman@ucop.edu
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