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UZBL launches FLEX Kit as add-on attachment

The Newport Coast-based company has created a multi-use accessory for the iPad 2.

by Jennifer OckPublished: January 25, 2012 07:30 AM

UZBL, a Newport Beach-based firm that produces iPad protective covers, has created the FLEX kit, an accessory for the iPad 2 that allows users to more easily use the tablet computer in any environment.

Users can stick, clamp, wrap, hang or prop the iPad 2 in any location, and the FLEX is also compatible with a number of other accessories.  

Having crafted the first iPad case for children, UZBL’s products are now found in schools across the country protecting and cushioning iPads and iPad 2s.

The FLEX kit started out as a safeguard cover with integrated rib cells to provide shock absorbency to protect the iPad in rough environments. Reviews from parents and educators steered UZBL to insert features and attachments in order to hinder possible drops and to allow the iPad to be comfortably held and utilized in any manner. In turn, UZBL went up another level by adding a tripod thread to an included attachment. The tripod thread allows the FLEX kit to be wielded in tandem with a wide range of mounts and pods already in use with millions of cameras and video recorders.

The FLEX kit possesses the following features:

• A frame which attaches onto the iPad 2 accented with strap loops and
a center ring for snap-in and quick release removal of accessories.

• A snap-in rotating pivot with a ¼’’ tripod thread.

• A barrier-like skin with “Air Cells” and ribs to pad drops up to 6 ft.

• A Velcro hand strap.

• An adjustable carrying strap with shoulder pad.

Both the frame and pivot are made from a hard polycarbonate plastic. The frame lies nestled within the silicone cover, and the pivot snaps securely in or out of the entire product.

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