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VIASPACE distributes its Giant King Grass to an overseas nursery

The renewable energy crop will be used in the customer’s bioenergy project.

By Elaine MurphyPublished: March 06, 2012 07:45 AM

17 foot tall Giant King Grass with
VIASPACE CEO Dr. Carl Kukkonen and
President Sung Chang
VIASPACE Inc. of Irvine, a provider of clean energy products and technology, has shipped its Giant King Grass seedlings to a customer’s overseas nursery.

The grass seedlings were harvested from the VIASPACE pilot plantation in China’s Guangdong province and were flown overseas, since the seedlings need to be planted within two weeks of harvest. Once the seedlings arrived at their destination, they were planted in the five-acre nursery, where they will be used for the customer’s bioenergy project. The nursery site was selected because of its adequate rainfall and irrigation. Both the customer and the location of the nursery are undisclosed.

The fast-growing, 12-foot-tall Giant King Grass is a renewable crop used as low-carbon biomass fuel in clean energy products and technologies. It is used as a replacement for up to 20 percent of coal in electricity plants and heating systems – cutting carbon emissions by 20 percent – and in place of gasoline as a source of feedstock for biofuels. Its high yield makes it a cost-effective crop, and it can be liquefied to make liquid biofuel and bioplastics.

“This propagation nursery is an important milestone in the customer's energy project and represents a good collaboration between VIASPACE and the customer. The customer knows the local conditions and agricultural practices, while VIASPACE knows the requirements for Giant King Grass," said VIASPACE CEO Dr. Carl Kukkonen. "Together, we are developing the capability for local propagation of Giant King Grass for a large-scale plantation. We will be returning on a regular basis to the location to ensure its success. This is a large bioenergy project that is expected to bring significant revenue to VIASPACE, so we are giving it our highest priority."

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