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Voice Assist of Lake Forest announces new hands-free driving technology

Drivers can now request songs, answer calls and respond to advertisements without taking their hands off the wheel.

by Mackenna WaterhousePublished: August 23, 2012 09:45 AM

Voice Assist, Inc. of Lake Forest recently debuted its new hands-free driving technology, The Voice Assist Handsfree Radio, that will allow drivers to respond to text messages, emails and phone calls and listen to their favorite music or radio stations without lifting a finger.

The company is building upon its previous technology that focused on allowing drivers to answer phone calls, emails and text messages while driving. The new system allows drivers to verbally request what they want to listen to, including specific artists, songs or albums, radio stations or key words such as “traffic.”

“As we began to study what drivers do that cause distraction, we recognized that drivers press buttons to tune the radio or interact with their mobile phone to listen to music content on their mobile phone or to stream internet radio,” said Michael Metcalf, CEO of Voice Assist.

The system will also feature “Audio Aware Ads” that allow drivers to respond to advertisements with responses such as “like it,” “hate it,” “connect me” or “send me the coupon.”

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