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Voice Assist brings speech technology to TapFactory Apps

The partnership will supply a Voice Assist button to the TapFactory app upgrade.

By Sophia GioielloPublished: December 22, 2011 12:35 PM

Voice Assist, the Lake Forest-based phone service provider, recently partnered with TapFactory to combine the latest speech technology with new app software. The Voice Assist-TapFactory collaboration will offer hands-free safe driving applications and voice commands for early-generation iPhone users.  

Representatives from Voice Assist say that the partnership and others like it is part of the company’s strategic plan, and that the firm’s cloud-based speech platform is compatible with any phone and any app.

The partnership will bring a Voice Assist button to a TapFactory app upgrade that will allow consumers to use voice commands to dial, email, text, and post to Twitter. As an award-winning iPhone app developer, TapFactory plans to bring Voice Assist to their top apps, including Contact, Sticky Notes and TweetyPop.

“Working with mobile developers like TapFactory to voice enable their existing apps fits squarely with our business model and our strategic plan. Our cloud-based speech platform can be used from any phone to voice enable any app,” said Voice Assist Chairman and CEO Michael Metcalf. “Although Apple introduced SIRI, its voice-activated assistant, it only works on the iPhone 4S model. This left 30 million-plus iPhones without a voice activated assistant. Also, SIRI requires Internet access. TapFactory chose to partner with Voice Assist because we work on all phones immediately and speed to market is important for them.”

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